Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Story of The First Love Song

Love did not exist.
That was what the first couple on earth should live with. No Love.

They worked side by side like machines, lived together like animals did, they only spoke in sign language, they did not pray nor sing. As to pray they need one to love, and song can only be sung with loving heart.

One day the fruit of wisdom opened their eyes, ears, and heart.
It was like a whistling wind, a dripping sound of waterfall, crackling firewoods, whispering bamboo leaves, a sound of heartbeat. It's every sound all in one.

It was Love.

They fell in love with Love. They felt the joy and sadness at the same time. The jumping up and down, the turning around. Then they started to hum.
They were imitating the whistling wind, dripping sound like waterfall, clacking their tongue, hissing their teeth, and so on. They even tried to beat things to get its noise, to hear each sound of everything. Tried hard to explain the feeling they felt, to let go the soar in their heart. They started to talk to each other with sounds.

Then they started to sing.

As only through singing can they express their feelings.
But still they could not sing Love.
There was no exact sound to match it; no perfect song could describe it. Not a thing can make a sound of it, not even all sounds altogether.
The joy and sadness all in one in their heart.

They almost gave up love, did not want to sing anymore. They got angry and started to sing together. That was when they made love for the very first time.

They felt love all over again, made the best love song ever. After awhile though, not even that special song can they call Love.
They regretted and almost hated the fruit of wisdom, as the pain in their heart grew stronger with love. But they just could not hate it, as Love is more powerful. And because of love they forgot that they grew old. They started to have kids and got busy with the little joys. Then they forgot to sing.

The kids were born from Love and they liked to sing all the time. They even did better by dancing with it. Singing and dancing by the river, through the woods, over the grassfield, with birds and butterflies.

The old couple hardly sings anymore, but they told their kids to keep singing. To compose the best love song they ever could in life.

To James and Mer (who keep encouraging me to write :))

May you sing the best love song ever,