Thursday, April 05, 2012


Apa kabar dy?
Hmmmm... sulit menjawab, terlalu banyak peristiwa. I have my good days and bad ones in this beloved messed-up corrupted beautiful country. But those don't matter much right now.
Buatku peristiwa terbesar adalah kelahiran adik Damian: Fabian.
Rasanya tahun ini disimpulkan oleh manusia mungil nan gembil, who's taking the biggest space and time of me. Berjuta ibu mengalami hal yang sama, so i won't brag about motherhood, sleepless nights, etc. Find it in some mommies forum instead.
I miss some 'me time', but realize this Fabian time won't come again twice. So I just go along and enjoy it. There's always time for everything.
Oh, and I miss writing. I miss my own thoughts. And pour them out on poetic words....(silence)....
I do hope I'd be able to do this again. Soon.

Really, apa kabar dy?
Oh... kabar saya, detik ini: bahagia.

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