Monday, April 04, 2011

Us, Adults.

This is what happened when we're getting older, or supposedly more mature, or I would say above 35 years of age.

We become comfortable of who, and what we are. We care less of what people say or think about us. We're less afraid of making the same mistake, that is if we even realize it. We've been doing the same thing the same way, and if others don't fuss about it we just move on. We would say 'I am what I am'. We hardly think of changing ourselves. Either people can accept us, or they can't. In a way, it's a good thing to be confident. But a lot of times it's egoistically scary.

Kids look for approval from adults, youngsters seeks their identity, adults just become adults. They've been tired of approval from others, and seeking for identity. They almost become what they wanted to be, just wanted to be themselves. Try to tell your mom to change their hairdo, their way of walking in the middle of the street, the way they bargain for sale price. She won't. And so won't we.

On the other side, we become more permissive of what other adults do. Let him/her be. That's just the way he/she is. Or move aside to let them move along. We just become ignorant. We care less. Change belongs to other planet. We just try to make peace. We might save the argument, but not the war within.

Sometimes, it's just not about us, adults. It's about something else. Or someone else. Not us.