Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I really have loads of matters to write right now, even too much to just stay on my fingertips.... But it also too much that it weighs my heart, I just stare at the blank screen. You my dear blog, are just like a kid, a plain white page without a scratch, patiently waiting for me to fill you in. Once I splash the ink, nothing can wipe it, no paint will conceal it. It stays forever, even if I try to rub the stain.

And though I believe you as much to understand my heart, you, just like a kid, will candidly say it to the whole world. Say it naively to a world of bias and bigotry. Sometimes a world that loves cute fictions rather than reality. Sometimes a world that makes you an enemy. And that is why, my dear blog, I wish I were anonymous sometimes…. Where you can be my space to vomit as well as to splash a rejoice poetry.

4 drops:

durin said...

kayaknya, seanonimus apa pun kita di dunia cyber, gak akan pernah bener-bener anonim. Friends and hardware diaries are still the way out.
(masih libur ngeblog)

Rlynn said...

As I have often wondered myself. But I decided that my blog is not going to be YET another facade of my life, another mask; I exposed myself, stark naked, and I've even found friends who found me through my blog.
Have faith! Your blog already made a splash in my life, and even if it's not always a splash of fresh water, even if sometimes it sloshes mud, I still enjoy it. ^__^

dy said...

Durin, you're right. This is when you know who your true friends are. Thanks for 'the way out'.

Rlynn, maybe I'm not brave enough right now to do that... wish I would be more 'cuek' sometimes... :) Thanks for support!

neenoy said...

yup, sama... kadang pengen anonim. malah gw pernah loh bikin blog anonim. tapi terlalu males buat ngapdetnya.... hehehe :)