Friday, November 18, 2005

He loves....

He loves train so much he wants to be a choo-choo train when he grows up (are you sure you don't want to be the train driver? No, I want to be a choo-choo train).
He loves Andrea Bocelli so much he would sing 'Conte Partiro' in the car seat on our ride and refuse to hear other 'adult song'.
He loves to sing so much he could follow all the songs in disc 1 of 'Lagu Anak Indonesia'.

He hates dirt and trash so much he would move to hold my other hand when we passed a trash/dumpster.
But he loves falling leaves so much he would swim in it and ignore all dirts on it.

He loves order so much he would put things properly, otherwise he would let them completely in a mess.
He loved to play online games in computer so much now he doesn't want to play them anymore.
He loves to climb on a slide but hates to be put on a swing.
He loves bugs so much he would look for them when we go outside but refuse to touch them.
He loves to do things completely in a right way otherwise he would throw it away.
He loves puzzle so much that's the one thing he should do at the library.
He loves to read so much I have to read him all ten books we just borrow from the library at the same time.

He loves chocolate milk so much he never wanted a 'white' milk.
He loves coffee so much that it's his favorite ice cream flavor and he would secretly sip my coffee.
He is very picky in terms of food, he becomes our standard. Other than spicy-hot food, we agree that food he doesn't want to eat is awful.

He loves to play fighting so much his teacher had to make him sit down on a chair.
He loves Elmo so much he brings it to school and refuse to put it in his cubby, and always ask me to play Elmo's voice.
He loves to run chasing his friends at school that's the first thing he remembers when I ask him what he was doing at school today.
He loves bubble so much sometimes he just want to take a bath if I let him play with it in the bathroom.

He loves to say "Mama pretty" to calm me when I'm angry.
He loves to say "Pretty lady" (tante cantik) when he sees Victoria Secret ads on TV.
He said "Mrs Jackie, you're fired" when he saw Donald Trump said it in Apprentice. Btw, Mrs Jackie is his teacher and of course he just said that in front of me.
He would tease his dad when he was asked,"What's your name?" "My name is Earl..."
He would say "Film mama" when he saw Desperate Housewives begin to air, and he won't disturb me for the whole hour.

He's a bit shy with strangers but very loving to people who he knows well.
He loves babies so much he would try to make connection with them and ignore their parents.

He loves fishes so much he should see them everytime we go to Han Ah Reum (Asian supermarket).
He loves to shop himself he had to handed his things to cashier and pay all by himself.

He loves to run and jump and climb like any other boys, but he also loves pretending to fall like batman.
He loves to sing along with Barney "I love you, you love me..." and looking for me to give me a hug and a kiss.
He still loves to hold my nose that's the first thing he touch when he wakes up in the morning, and the last one when he's falling asleep.

He loves many things and hates several things, and this page can never fit them.... He's only 3 years 2 months 11 days, but he is just a complete personality....

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Merlyna said...

Wow, kayaknya Damian asiiiiik nih. Boleh dong temenan?

Anonymous said...

glad to have a nephew like him

Anonymous said...

Beautiful peace for an amazing little creature. He never ceased to amaze me. Hugs and kisses from us.

Anonymous said...

duh, jadi penasaran nih tante atta. cepat besar ya nak, semoga tumbuh untuk menjadi pribadi yang terus berbahagia :)

sini sini *hug mode ON* mwah mwah

neenoy said...

damian keren :), kapan mudik, dy... supaya obin dan damian bisa maen bareng :)

gue di sini aja, kok. cuma lagi terkurung di 'kubus' hehehe....

Unknown said...

Boleh Tante Mer... nanti Damian diajarin biola ya...

Ocep, I think he's glad to have an uncle like you.

Arti, hugs & kisses from Damian too.

Terimakasih Tante Atta, Damian juga penasaran sama penulisnya Negeri Senja nih :)

Noy... wish I could mudik sometimes soon, tapi ternyata belom segampang itu, Damian jg pengen nih main sama Obin :)

Anonymous said...

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